Earth Medicine Lodge



Earth Medicine Certification Level One

Step into the Old ways. Amerce yourself in the ancient traditional medicine of our Earth Mother, shift your consciousness to the ancestral wisdom of Father Sky. Encircle the relationship with your guides and spirit animals to help you on your journey. Learn the elemental and directional magic within. Become self aware of the light and dark within you and society, and how to be a warrior of light. Interpret how sacred space, alters, and medicine wheels can help you do your great work.

Ascend into the star portals, traveling to your source, understanding your intuition and psychic abilities. Perform and create sacred ritual and ceremony. Embrace your divine self care and tribe responsibility. Understand and honor the sacred practices in the commitment to the council. This sacred medicine is valuable for healing yourself, family and the collective.  Added to your healing practice it can be amplify all modalities.

Lodge Dates Within the Full Moon

Lodge One

March 10-11, 2018

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Lodge Two

June 9-10, 2018

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Lodge Three

Sept. 8-9, 2018

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Lodge Four

Dec. 8-9, 2018

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Lodge One | March 10-11, 2018

Elemental and Directional understanding.  Harnessing the elemental and directional energy into your every moment and cellular makeup.   Channeling these elements and directions into your physical and spiritual bodies bringing that understanding into your daily life. Walking and understanding the Sacred Medicine Wheel. Learning the energy and medicine of Sacred Alters, Spaces and tools. Grasping the basics of Tarot and the use of the magical mystery in our work. Discovering your relationship with your higher self.  Connecting to spirit, emotional, and mental bodies.  Walking the sacred circle with your Ancestor council in meditative work.

Lodge Two | June 9-10, 2018

Honoring and recognizing your Spirit Animal Brothers and Sisters.  Honoring the knowledge to bring your Spirit animals to life within yourself, to guide you and to help usher in your great work.  Finding and focusing on your soul Medicine Animal Guide to take you through your medicine lodge. Connecting to the sacred plant people studying the various properties and the connections within the Plant Realm.  Choosing your Sacred Medicine Plant Partner.  Honoring and Learning of the Sacred Stone and Crystal People.  Connecting to the energy of each stone and crystal while studying the properties of each.  Harnessing the partnership of your personal Medicine Crystal to be your tool in etheric work and medicine.

Lodge Three | September 8-9, 2018

Becoming the Warrior of Light.  Understanding the darkness or “shadows”  that are a part of your personal physical self, and society. Identifying how our darkness needs to be fought before you can heal others. Bringing in the personal and professional ethics of a healer. Understanding the implications of working in dark vs light Guidelines on creating your own ceremonies and rituals.

Lodge Four | December 8-9, 2018

Chakra work and activation.  Aligning our chakras to receive the loving filter of the Universal light. Astral Travel and understanding the rules of the star realm.  Manifesting your healing star container for yourself and others. Using our Animal, Plant and Crystal guides in etheric surgery. Skywalker relationships and ethics.