Private Healing Sessions

Private healing sessions are conducted either at Boundless Healing Ranch Sanctuary or Myranda can travel to you for a small travel fee. All new clients receive a 30-minute consultation by phone or in person to assess your healing needs. Both Energy Medicine and Crystal Healing will be utilized in your healing.


Each session is based on your needs and can be utilized as couples or family healing:
60 minutes ($100)
90 minutes ($125)
120 minutes ($150)

Crystal Energy Healing

Part of the beauty of crystals comes from the symmetry formed by the arrangement of their atoms. The crystals that Myranda works with have all been cleansed and charged to radiate their energy for healing purposes. Like a surgeon, each crystal is an instrument to help conduct healing surgery. Based on the crystals’ different healing properties and Myranda’s intuitive nature with the crystals, she is able to match you with the proper crystals to further your healing in mind, body, and spirit. If you are working at Boundless Healing Ranch Sanctuary, she will be able to match you with an array of healing stones. She will also bring crystals with her specifically picked for your needs for sessions scheduled in your home. Based on our initial consultation, we will evaluate crystal properties and crystal energy systems that are best suited to your specific healing.

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Energy Healing Sessions

The most intriguing part of energy medicine is that the body’s energies are not only intelligent but are engaging. Different modalities can help you get in touch with those energies that are often undetected or ignored. While your body’s energy intelligence generally operates beneath the mind’s radar, it dwarfs the capacities of the mind in its abilities to keep you breathing and alive. Getting in touch with this energy and feeling how it effects your body is the first part of understanding how to utilize it for your health. To enhance the mind, body and spirit connection, the release of blockages is important to make sure your energy field is flowing in a way that is nurturing for your health. Boundless Healing will help you recognize and form a relationship with these energies so that you can maintain your vibrant energy field and progress to a whole and healthy body.

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Meditation is the most important factor in healing and ongoing health because it allows you to get in touch with and connect your mind, body and spirit.

Understanding how to properly meditate and take out the daily chatter is very important in maintaining focus and growth. Meditation reduces stress and has an effect on your entire nervous system by reducing your body’s production of stress related chemicals like cortisol and replacing them with mood enhancing chemicals like serotonin. Meditation will strengthen your immune system by reducing your blood pressure and thereby lowering cholesterol levels. Meditation can help you get better sleep and by doing so will help your body to repair. Overall, meditation helps you become more grounded and aware of all aspects of your body—physical, mental and spiritual.

Being in better tune with your body will bring you more happiness in general. Boundless Healing can help guide you to focus on a daily meditation process to enrich your experience. We can also help pinpoint certain oils and modalities to keep you centered and active in your meditation as well.

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Alter and Sacred Space Building

To have a specific area that is all yours, that you feel safe and focused in is so important. We are constantly bombarded with technology in this world on such a level that we sometimes feel as if we have nothing sacred as our own. Building an alter or creating a sacred space that you can go to to focus on your meditation and healing is vital. Boundless Healing can help guide you in the process of setting up and maintaining your alter and sacred space bringing in the alchemy and medicine wheel to foster this healing space.

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Sacred Space

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