Other Modalities

Etheric Cap Removal

Removing the cap over your crown chakra to let in connection with the divine.

DNA Activation

Activating your spiritual and physical DNA through your 12 dimensions of spirit.

Shamanic Oil Cleansing

Using different therapeutic essential oils that are catered to your needs you are able to absorb the properties of the oils in this enlightened ceremony.  Bringing in the elements and the dimensions of self. Crystal and energy healing is also brought into this modality.


Understanding life moments and paths through the use of the sacred mystery teachings of the tarot.

Etheric Cord Cutting

Releasing your negative bonds and attachments with others.

Distance Healing

Tarot, Ritual Healing, Energy Healing, DNA Activation. Done by distance in meditation and ritual.

Sacred Bath, Oil, and Tea Healings

Based on physical and emotional consult I will prepare a Bath, Oil or tea for your specific needs.  Using herbs and plant medicine I will prescribe a healing tincture for you to be used.  All tinctures will be made within ceremony and ritual.