Sacred Ceremonies

Many events in our life are deemed sacred–a holiday, birth, nuptials between two souls…. These events in our life should be honored and celebrated. Myranda will work with you on your event or sacred moment to bring in the healing and magic of the universal light.  Whether it is crystal guidance, ritual honor or traditional native ceremony, your magic moment will be a memorable event with the love and beauty of light!

Medicine Wheel Ceremonies

The medicine wheel is a sacred ceremony that is used within most native tribes. It is very important within the plains tribes where the Great Spirit, directions, elements, spirits, guides, totems and nature are honored.  In bringing in this honor of our life force we are able to channel the change within ourselves to heal and heal the planet collectively.


Full Moon Ceremonies

The moon is our empress and within the darkness is this beam of beauty and brightness.  Like the sun, the moon should be honored.  The sun brings in growth and the moon brings in repair. This ceremony brings in the repair to our souls by connecting us to the goddess moon. Meditation, crystal griding and sound baths help to bring a connection to you and your higher purpose. This ceremony is about healing the heart and becoming a warrior of light.


Goddess Ceremonies

Within us all is a Goddess or God. In this ceremony we will bring out the beauty and power within us by connecting to our higher self and the God or Goddess within.  By using meditation, prayer and processing, we will connect with the higher self to bring out or true essence.

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