The power of clearing your space is something that is often overlooked. I see people buying sage and herbs to clear their houses and workspaces and not appreciating the medicine that clearing brings. Clearing your body and space is vital and should be done daily. We all collect energy, and so does our space. Clearing helps to bring the most purest forms of energy into your body and space. Clearing should be part of your daily rituals, like brushing your teeth or exercising. To have a healthy energetically charged body and home is a shift that we can actually feel and benefit from. Clearing and smudging is meant to bring in purification, and also to help send our prayers to Creator. I share these sacred herbs and practice  with you so that you may have a deeper and higher respect for this daily ceremony.

There are many different rituals and cultural uses in clearing, and each beautiful and unique. I wanted to share the way I clear and the different herbs used in my clearings. I like to use many different plants of power and resins for particular clearing rituals. I have included my list below and the clearing ritual I have learned from my elders. You should always use the purest of medicine and source your plants and resins from reputable sources if you are not gathering your own. My favorite companies are: Mountain Rose Herbs and Taos Herb Company

The Four Medicine Plants:

Tobacco: Sacred Tobacco was given to us by creator so that we would be able to communicate with the spirit world. Tobacco is offered to the spirit world and to Mother Earth whenever another plant is harvested. When we take another spirit from the land wether it is a plant, animal, or rock we should offer tobacco to that spirit in a gift for the energy they are offering to us. When we use Tobacco it should always be offered through the left hand, because the left hand is closest to the heart and the feminine spirit, then passed to the right hand to offer in the masculine spirit to the flame of creator. Tobacco helps us to open up our spirit to the connection to all the ancestors and Creator. Tobacco should only be smoked in ceremony, and this is only done by some one who is a sacred pipe holder or carrier. Tobacco sits in the East of the sacred four directions

Sage: All sacred is White Ceremonial Sage. White Sage is a very powerful plant person and ally. Sage or salvia in latin means to heal. Sage has been used by many tribes and cultures around the globe, used in many ceremonies and medicine bundles. What is so fascinating about Sage is that it actually clears 94 percent of airborne bacteria, it disinfects a space scientifically. It also releases negative ions which in turn help to elevate our mood and elevate the energy in a space. Sage brings in the medicine of clarity, spiritual awareness and wisdom. In which we know some wise elders in some cultures as Sages. Sage, as a master healer, pushes out the negative energies with force and direction. Sage pleases Tunkasila (Great Spirit) so that our prayers are heard. Sage sits in the west of the sacred four directions.

Sweetgrass: Is often called the hair of Mother Earth and is usually braided in 3 strands to represent honesty, kindness, and love. Sweetgrass is Mother Earth protecting her children with love and is a very gentle and calming medicine. We attract Spirit when using sweetgrass, because of the universal love that is needed by all on this planet. Sweetgrass braids can also be placed in each direction of your house, above a entry door, and placed on your car dashboard. Sweetgrass brings in the protection of love and clears with love. Sweetgrass sits in the South of the sacred four directions.

Cedar: Is a guardian spirit medicine and chases away evil spirits. Cedar is also loved by the Wakinyan (Thunder Being). Cedar is associated with healing, protection spiritually and physically and in prayer Used in many purification ceremonies Cedar helps to cleans the body of infection and is used in sweat lodges. Cedar sits in the North of the sacred four directions.

Other Sacred Purifiers:

Frankincense: Frankincense is used in purification and protection ceremonies and is used for heightened spiritual awareness. Also known as a anti depressant resin and can purify the mind and body of evil spirits. Is used in some temples before ceremonies. Used by some cultures in exorcisms and in deep meditation.

Myrrh: Myrrh is used to help clear the body and spirit and is used to heighten the spiritual connection with creator. Ancient Egyptians used Myrrh for spiritual rituals and for healing the body. It clears illusion and negative energy.

Pinion: Pinon Helps to bring in a balance of energy by uplifting. It brings in clairvoyance and spiritual awareness. Spiritual strength is also tightened with pinion.

Other herbs and medicines can be used for smudging and purifying, contact me directly if you have a question on a particular herb at


Smudging and clearing ritual:
Whatever medicine you are using in your clearing, make sure you have it in a high heat container. I use abalone shells for my clearings and I prefer to use loose leaves and resins rather than bundles because sometimes the ashes from bundles can drop and create burns. I use bundles more in outdoor ceremonies.
Always remember to cover your heart. When clearing out negative energies you should always block your heart, because these energies can try to go a energy center. I always cover my heart with my left hand and hold the bowl or bundle with my right. If you are using a smudging fan, direct the smoke out and away as you keep the fan in front of your heart. This creates a barrier.
Some people prefer to open a window or door so that the negative energies can go out. I prefer to smudge with all doors and windows closed. As my elder Willy says so you can “smoke the monster out” Sometimes when you have a open window or door the energy that is in the room does go out but who is to say new negative energy doesn’t come in. So for this reason I prefer to keep all windows and doors closed.

I always move the bowl in a clockwise motion and I always clear in a clockwise motion that is the natural way of the medicine wheel and the direction of positive force.


When clearing self or another person I always start from above the crown of the individual and work my way down the body. I send any negative energy down into Mother Earth so she may draw out the negative energy. Then when I reach the feet I work my way back up so any residual energy can be taken up into the universe by spirit. I always fan extra smoke into my chest and face to clear the heart and crown. I also have others that I am clearing pull the smoke into their chest and face to do the same. When I clear others I also walk around them and do the same for the back side of their body. Moving in a clockwise direction.

When clearing a house or a roomI always close my eyes and feel the energy. You will be able to feel a pull of negative energy or stagnant energy. I then envision the house, building or room start to grown roots that go deep into Mother Earth. I ask her to please help me pull the negative energy out of the room so that she may transmute it into positive energy that helps nurture her. I like to start at the lowest point or corner and work the smudging around the room in a clockwise motion I will say the prayer below over and over while I am clearing. You can use my prayer or you can create your own. Remember to fully honor your prayer and ask for help. I go in three levels around a room pushing the smoke around in a clockwise motion. I ask spirit to take this energy far into the stars. I go room to room and push the energy up and out. If clearing a house I usually start in the basement and move up the house level by level in a clockwise order. When clearing I always pay close attention to mirrors and go over mirrors three times. Mirrors are portals for energy, good and bad and can sometimes hold many entities. When I finish clearing I always thank Great Spirit and Mother Earth for helping me.

If you are dealing with a intense negative, evil and destructive energy it is best to call in someone who has experience with removing very dark spirits. It is not wise to go at it alone. If you need help with this you can email me at

Clearing Prayer
I call upon Great Spirit and Mother Earth to
help me clear this (person, place or thing)
of all negative energy. Please take this energy and transmute it into
the purest form of light.
Any energy that does not serve (me, us, them) shall be released into this smoke
and sent into the stars by Spirit.