Sacred Womens Council

The source of life, the nourishers, the collective womb. Providing strength, intuition, beauty, and wisdom.

The woman.

The powerful light workers, the mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, Grandmothers. The protectors of the child, men, sisters, and Mother Earth. The crowned queens, healers, deal makers, adventurers. The ambitious guides, medicine workers, gold dust women, the priestesses. The successful, abundant, magical souls that walk this planet.

Such a power the woman possesses yet…

Why do many women feel so alone? Why do so many women feel the pressure to compete with other women? Why do some women groups feel like a clique? How can we make a difference within our community, within our world? How can we unite our children? Why do we feel pressures to overachieve, overcompensate, overwork? How can we honor our own divine feminine sacredness more and that in others? Where is there a place that we can all feel safe? Is there a place where women can go, that does not judge on race, orientation, politics, or class structure?

I want us all to have a place to go, a community that has no judgement.  A place where we can talk freely without agendas or insecurities. A place where a working women and a stay at home mom can contribute to each others’ lives. A place where our darkness is not looked down upon but can shed new light to others.  A place where we can build each other up so that we may bring our medicine to the great work.   I want us to be able to have a voice together.

I want us to stand together as women.  I want us to pick each other up.  I want us to make a place for each other and the collective in our hearts. Without judgement.

The Sacred Women’s Council is beginning.

A council where we can make change and progress to be warriors of light and mentors to the collective.  Where we honor Old ways and bring in the New.  Where each woman is empowered and has a voice.

This group is open to anyone, no matter where you live.  Click the link below to join us on Facebook or Private Message me and I will add you. You can add your circle and we will continue the Sacred Hoop. Quarterly in person meetings or “chapters” will be started in the cities with most interest. First we will come together virtually.

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