As I connect with more and more of you amazing souls on here I wanted to share with those who are just finding this community about who I am, apart from the usual bio.
I started my spiritual journey out of the womb, my mother a gifted healer and shaman my father an adventurous outdoorsman. My ancestry is a powerful combo from my mother Lakota, and my father Swedish the warrior is strong in mine and my siblings blood. My childhood was spent appreciating the beauty of Mother Earth and the sacredness in our everyday. My mother is an energy intuitive and I have also been born with this gift. It was not uncommon to see various spirits and entities of all forms. It was more commonplace in our household to see the etheric realm so we grew used to it and lived in harmony with the energies. Through my pre teens-and teens my mother owned a Spiritual center in Littleton, Colorado called Sacred Mesa which was a home to Native artistry, shamanic practice, and enlightened workshops. It was there where I felt the most amazing magic unfold. Ceremony and ritual filled our home and from her I learned most of my medicine work. As time went on and my mother moved on to retire in the mountains, she always practiced and taught her four elements (4 children) the traditions and honor of the Lakota way. I myself started down the path of Wicca when I was 15 holding my deep native medicine close. Understanding about the Norse and pagan part of my lineage from my father was a important element in understanding high magic.

When I was 20 I gave birth to my miracle baby. My son Everest, who after doctors told me it was impossible to have a child, was brought by the universe (another amazing story for another time) I then went on to try to be “normal” to give my son the best I could as a single mother, going into entrepreneurship, business management, and the fashion industry. I owned my first company at 22 and it followed with a boutique in Montana, and I soon ended up in LA styling for bands and managing clothing companies. Yet I wasn’t fulfilled. I still strongly felt the energies and forces around me, I felt the spirit world in everything I did and as much as I tried to block it out it kept calling. I knew through the many obstacles both dark and light I was not on my true path. The moment came when at 30 years old I was broken to the core and my life had reached the bottom of the barrel. My father came to me in a vision, (he had died when I was 22) and said “live your true purpose”. So I packed up my son and life and headed back to Colorado.

Over the last 7 years I have devoted my life and studies to encompass all etheric practices. Learning and practicing energy and crystal healing has been the most amazing part of the journey. For the energy I see on a daily basis has been channelled and refined to be able to help heal people. I also have dove deeper into my shamanic teachings, patiently learning more from my mother, my elders and from Brooke Medicine Eagle. Through traditional vision quests, ceremony and spiritual processing my respect for my medicine has deepend further. Understanding the energy and force of White Buffalo Calf Woman as my guide has truly been life changing. I constantly channel and receive training and vision, to guide others from her. I have also continued to honor the Norse seer, the Wiccan, the “Light Witch” that lives within. Yet she is what guided me to the path of the High Priestess and alchemy. I have devoted my life and work to the responsibility of the High Priestess. Through The Universal Mystery School in study of alchemy, ascension magic, Qabalah, and Ritual Mastery I have gained more knowledge to honor the light of myself and to further heal my life. Harnessing the magic, light and spirt to help heal others and the collective is my highest path and I am thankful to share it with you. So in uniting shamanism with high magic I have found my place within the Hierarchy of Light. All my ancestors are around me guiding me everyday. I work for Spirit, God, The Universe, Elohim, the Creator. My purpose is to live in sacredness, love, and light. Through my lessons in life and in study I hope that it inspires you to learn more about your light. I hope that we can learn together to honor our divine temple of our spirit and the divine temple of earth as one.

Love to you all! -Myranda