2-Hour Beginning Crystal Healing Workshop

Through this workshop Boundless Healing will focus on giving you the tools to start your journey on healing yourself through the crystal modalities. By healing yourself you are able to heal others and this is the focus of the beginning crystal healing workshop. Myranda will show you how to begin finding your energy field, basic crystal properties, a meditative healing grid and help you to focus on healing meditation. She will also cover cleansing and caring for your crystals. Crystals and workbook included.

4-Hour Beginning and Intermediate Crystal Healing Workshop

Through this next phase of healing, we dive deeper into the many healing properties of a larger array of crystals. We will not only work on basic grids but also on large scale human grids for healing. The intermediate student will be able to start working on others to facilitate healing through light medicine and crystal pulsing. This class will also dive into the different elixirs that can be made through crystals. Crystals and workbook included.

4-Hour Advanced Crystal Healing Workshop

In the advanced crystal healing phase, we will start to find the power of breath in the process of healing others, understanding the energy paths that are vital for cleansing out harmful energies. We will further the crystal properties on an advanced level. We will also work on different etheric surgery processes to amplify the healing energy of the crystals and the light process to channel healing medicine. Crystals and workbook included.

2-Hour Goddess Workshop

Within this workshop we will dive into the divine feminine and how we, as a society, have taken the power from the feminine to try and empower. This workshop is about embracing all our bodies—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. I will help give you tools to focus your energy on creating more calmness and balance in your life.

4-Hour Goddess Workshop

In the 4-hour Goddess Workshop we will go further to ignite the spark of the divine feminine. To help remove blocks and drama from yourself, work, family and career. Understanding our dynamic and empowered roles on this earth is important for us to move past our trauma and see our world in new ways.


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