Healing Sessions

All new clients receive a 30-minute consultation to assess your healing needs for both Energy Medicine and Crystal Healing.


Workshops are a wonderful way to learn and support others as you embark on a journey of healing.


Day retreats are offered throughout the year at Boundless Healing Ranch Sanctuary. All retreats include supplies, workbooks, and meals.

The Path

As I connect with more and more of you amazing souls on here I wanted to share with those who are just finding this community about who I am, apart from the usual bio. I started my spiritual journey out of the womb, my mother a gifted healer and shaman my father an...
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Day of Healing Retreat

Crystal Healing & Energy Medicine Workshop by Myranda Bennett Desire and Devotion & Tapping into Your Boundless Sexual Energy by Gina Garris Power Yoga by Steph Windsor Health and Diet Coaching by Stephanie Johanna DNA Activations | Tarot | Medicine Wheel Sign...
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