Healing Sessions

All new clients receive a 30-minute consultation to assess your healing needs for both Energy Medicine and Crystal Healing.


Workshops are a wonderful way to learn and support others as you embark on a journey of healing.


Day retreats are offered throughout the year at Boundless Healing Ranch Sanctuary. All retreats include supplies, workbooks, and meals.

Sacred Clearing

The power of clearing your space is something that is often overlooked. I see people buying sage and herbs to clear their houses and workspaces and not appreciating the medicine that clearing brings. Clearing your body and space is vital and should be done daily. We...
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The Constant Giver

Why do we compromise ourselves? Why do we at times give so much of ourselves hoping for the same in return? Why do we feel like we are selfish for doing something for ourselves? Why…because we are being taught to.. “Give freely.” “Care for others without asking...
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To Go Deeper Not Wider

Oh the beauty of feeling lost, no matter what stage of our spiritual journey we are on there are moments of feeling lost in different ways. Mine came in the last few months. I was feeling lost in my duty and what I needed to bring to help others heal. I went into a...
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The Path

As I connect with more and more of you amazing souls on here I wanted to share with those who are just finding this community about who I am, apart from the usual bio. I started my spiritual journey out of the womb, my mother a gifted healer and shaman my father an...
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